Charlie T-Shirt prize

Today's prize* is a bright red T-shirt sporting the silhouette of Charlie McCarthy. Size 2XL. And the winner is: Dave Allen (IA)

*T-Shirt provided by Keith Suranna.


  1. Anonymous1/22/2011

    That is a great shirt! Are they for sale anywhere?

  2. I bought it from Cafe Press, where people can customize their own shirts and other gifts:


    I bought it a number of months ago, and found it by searching for "ventriloquist" and "ventriloquism." But I just tried it and that Charlie design is not coming up at all. I even tried "Charlie McCarthy" and nothing came up. Odd, because there were a number of products with that particular design. Perhaps they were pulled because of a copyright issue. Not sure, but that site has some other vent related products.