I asked if anyone could identify the man in the picture on this DVD cover? I was curious if he is an actor/model or actual puppeteer. The consensus seems to be that he is an actor and not an actual puppeteer.
Puppets Who Kill is a Canadian television comedy series produced and broadcast on The Comedy Network. I see the name of John Pattison listed as co-producer and one of the main writers. 30 years ago we had a young ventriloquist customer and NAAV member from Canada by that same name. Same person? Yes, one and the same. http://www.pwkproductions.com/john-pattison/


  1. Anonymous1/01/2011

    i looked on youtube, and apparently this john pattison was a puppeteer on fraggle rock. i don't know if it's the same one, but i do remember a john pattison on tv with a puppet named garlu, and a talking tennis ball back in the late 70's or early 80's. i saw him on youtube not too long ago, doing i believe gospel vent, so i would be surprised if they are the same, but how many puppet people could have that same name?? I LOVED "Garlu"!! Hope This helps. Bill Smith

  2. Janice Watson1/01/2011

    Think it's Dan Redican

  3. Anonymous1/01/2011

    YUP! Same guy. I don't know why i didn't click on the 2nd link down! Here 'tis:

    Meantions puppets that kill at bottom. Guy on cover of your dvd may just be the actor that played opposite the puppets & not pattison himself though. Bill Smith

  4. Anonymous1/01/2011

    Clinton, I forgot to mention that if you type the title into youtube you can see clips from this. i watched a bit, but as i'm not into killer puppets {although i DID like "gabbo" & "magic" VERY much}, it's not my cup of tea. And i think the one on the front is just the actor & not pattison. Pattison has a unique mouth on him, structurally i mean, especially when doing vent. Bill Smith

  5. I've always encouraged vents to keep the puppet characters happy, friendly, fun. Some people just won't listen - I'm bummed. (Just kinning...save your emails.)

  6. "kidding" - puppets who kill are no kin of mine. :-)

  7. I agree, I have made Puppets of wich look like they are mean, Pirates, Trolls , Mean Looking, Vishous Looking Dogs, Clowns, exc. but I try to Creat a carator that is of a heart of Gold, being Miss Judged and miss understood! how the Figure Actually a Loving and Nice Person. It Is not nice to Judge others by there Looks alone, and that by your Actions of Good Deeds, that you can over come the Judgement, or atleast may make others think that they may have been wrong about you, Not necessacarally about the Stereotype, Of which they put upon you, which is a beginning!. If we all follow that situation, We would all be better blessed. But what do you do to those who don't obay, I dont, nknow, but I don't think sicking Killer Puppets on People is the Answer, God Bless us all! This Year, and Every Year Too Follow> The Duff Family,