Talk To The Animals

Col. Bill Boley's "Kentucky corn" style humor is still a favorite of both audiences and many performers. During our years at Maher Studios it was not at all unusual to receive a request from someone wanting to purchase "anything and everything" written by Bill Boley.
Timeless jokes and gags fill the pages, always written without a lot of filler or fluff. Just laugh line followed by laugh line. Talk To The Animals was one of Boley's first books. Bob Abdou had several duplicates in his personal collection of used ventriloquist books and sent me the three copies of Talk To The Animals (dialogues for vent with animal or bird puppet) being given away here today. The winners are: Doc Lowery, Doug Davidson, and Graeme Lyall.

Go to the Maher Bookstore site to see the full list of the Col. Bill Boley books I stock and sell: http://maherbookstore.blogspot.com


  1. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Hi Clinton,

    I for one would like to purchase a paperback edition of all Col Bill Boleys writings. Perhaps you should mention this in your blog and see what response you get, this way you will know how many to print and not get left with unwanted copies.
    Doug. Cape Town. South Africa.

  2. All the Boley books I have in stock are paperback, limited stock that remains from the days of Maher Studios.