Quick & Easy

With all the special holiday dinner events taking place this weekend, here is a reminder on how to make a spur-of-the-moment puppet for the entertainment of your family and friends. It's simply a fist, draped with handkerchief or napkin. Eyes and lips can be drawn on with lipstick or eyebrow pencil. Even a pen (washable ink recommended:-).
The drawing above is from the book "Ventriloquism Made Easy" (copyright 1955). George Boosey provided this copy for today's drawing, and Linda Carter is the winner of this special Christmas Eve gift!


  1. Anonymous12/24/2010

    i used to have that book. nice idea, but the way Senor Wences did it was much better. very hard to get that area near the crook of your3rd and fourth fingers to open and close comfortably as shown here. Merry Christmas Mr & Mrs D & family, & all vents out there.

  2. Winkle and Wags12/24/2010

    I'm sure that Edgar Bergen's "Ophelia" and Senor Wences' "Johnny" are applauding from Vent Heaven at this suggestion.

    Here's wishing a safe, happy and very 'Merry Christmas' to anyone stopping by!

  3. Merry Christmas Linda, you got yourself a gem of a gift

  4. Anonymous12/26/2010

    Linda --
    To add a little extra value to your prize, you should know that the particular book you won was formerly owned by our late friend, Johnny Main.
    -- George Boosey

  5. Hi Linda, I hope you seen your name and claimed this cool gift, Great gift thanks to George Boosey, in remerance to a great Friend Johnny Main, And Made Possible by Mr. D's Blog, what a treat and a mass of informatuion coming form this Blog, I hope more people will find it and learn from the masters. Have a great Holiday, Bill Duff and Family,