A Puppet's life extended...

Marilyn M. Roques, Christian clown and Ventriloquist, passed away October 24, 2010. In her honor and memory, the family has donated her sizable family of puppets, including Danny (pictured here) to the Family Circus ministry of Darrell and Sandy Blatchley where they will be welcomed warmly and put to immediate use, in ways that would both honor and please Marilyn, who performed under the stage name of MIM, Marilyn In Mime.
Danny, originally sold as "Willie Winkle", has made a stop over at our house for a complete check up (he's in very good condition although I may add self-centering mechanism to his eyes) before he continues his journey with his pals to the Philippines where they will begin their new career.
Thus the ministry and vision of MIM continues. What a great and generous gift during this the season of giving by the Roques family.

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  1. Anonymous12/09/2010

    There is life after death. Thanks Marilyn for setting such a great example and living witness. Bless her generous family for giving Danny a glimpse of the world. I hope he can learn the language of the Philippines. Whatver ever it is, Marilyn will be listening.