Pep Club Leader?

This sporty little fellow could be a High School student leading cheers in your community...IF the school colors are blue and green and the school mascot a Bear. I've not decided that I want to get into such custom work, but I thought I would give at least one a try to how it would go.

And now that I have him finished, I believe I'll just give him away today.

And the winner is: N. Char Maun.

Go Grizzlies!


  1. Anonymous12/14/2010

    Another terrific ventrilo-ett created - and then you give it away!!
    Thankyou to the very generous Mr.D.
    Geoffrey (Australia)

  2. Anonymous12/14/2010

    Thanks, Mr. D! Wonderful work! I absolutely love it!!! Go Grizzlies! ~N. Char Maun

  3. That was close thought I finally won something...well you know what I did win something the friendship here...Thank you all for being my friends...N Jay

  4. Anonymous12/15/2010

    Wow you are so talented to be able to create these fantastic dolls. I am just starting out as a ventriloquist and I reading everything I can as I would also like to create my own characters. Thanks