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Question: I'm interested in getting a custom made Dummy. The design I have in mind is like 'Hugo' from the British 1945 film 'Dead Of Night'. He's a fairly large Dummy and pretty creepy, dressed in a dinner suit. I wonder if this would be feasible! Or anything similar.

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Answer: Sorry. The figure you have in mind is not something that I can build. Nor do I have a suggested figuremaker. I wish I could be more helpful. The figure in the movie is very unique and was made by Len Insull of England. Mr. Insull is no longer living. His figures are in great demand but rarely is one offered for sale. The one in the photo has been modified from the original to appear more human. Thus the "creepy" look as you describe it.
(Side note: I personally prefer a more "cartoonish" character that simply acts human. They are much friendlier.) Of course, you may be wanting to freak people out with the figure, and if so, that's your prerogative. (Just keep a wide distance from my neighborhood. :-)


  1. Anonymous12/03/2010

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  2. Carl Richards12/03/2010

    Clinton - Anyone who reads your blog on a daily basis knows you hate "creepy" or horror styled Vent figures!

    Does anyone do living mouth type type figures anymore? I think it might be the mouth itself that makes it look creepy. They all seems to have the same expression!

  3. I don't know of anyone building the living mouth figures today, although there would be a market for such, I believe.

  4. Hi Clinton, I found the article interesting, and I don't know if you allow any suggestions to hand building one of the, or about any Vent Figure, Capettos, Workshop, I hope I spelled that right, I'd checked with him. Thanks,
    Wiliam C. Duff