"Clipper" figure available!

Well, here's a nice end of the year surprise! I have a Clipper figure now in the shop for total refurbishment. Turning head, open & close mouth, side-t0-side eyes, winker/blinkers, raising eyebrows and flapping ears.
Since I'm giving him full refurbishing, including repainting and new wig, I don't have a photo of the actual figure yet. ( You see a file photo here). This is just an alert. I'm often asked about the availability of this hard to find character from the Knee Pal series of the 1980s, and this is the first time in years that I've known of one available. If you'd like more details when he's ready to sell, let me know. NOTE: THIS FIGURE HAS NOW BEEN SOLD.


  1. Anonymous12/31/2010

    Clinton, I am really going to watch this post carefully! As you know I too have a fully loaded Clipper and just love him as you do RC! Do you think you will share the progress with some pictures of the process?? It will be fun to see the response this charactor brings and the $ amount..Dave Ferdinand

  2. I've already had a couple inquiries about the price.The new price on this Clipper figure was $995.00. So I'm thinking $550-$595.00 on it, with full 1 year warranty as a new figure. I had planned to work on it some more today, but it's zero degrees out and I have some snow to move in my drive and front sidewalk...I may wait until tomorrow to clear the path to my shop. :-)

  3. Anonymous1/18/2011

    Hope your shop is heated for the winter, Im sure it is! Did Clipper sell and would you share that information with us?? Thanks for all you do! Dave

  4. Clipper has been sold, yes. (I'll post a photo of him with his new owner if the owner agrees, but that is up to the new owner.) And, yes, my shop is heated and very comfortable these winter days.