1. Anonymous12/18/2010

    I find a great way to practice is at church.
    Either sing a whole song without moving my lips OR sing one line with movement & one without throughout the whole song. I find it far easier to sing words because it's a "smooth" way of "saying" words - maybe I need to learn to speak smoothly - what do you think??

  2. I say thats a very good question with various answers, because each person speaks differently. I would be great for you to speak slowly and clearly, singing is a wonderful way to speak because its leesss strain on the vocal cords and that makes it easier for you as a ventriloquist...well whatever you do besat of luck....

  3. I thought I was getting pritty good at Venting, but after shaving off my Mustache and beard, I found out differant, Guess who is growing back the Mustache and beard, Have a great Holidays, William C. Duff