Tarsier Ventrilo-ett

The "Tarsier" is a small monkey-like animal that is found only in the Philippines. With this fact of nature in mind, ventriloquist Ony Carcamo sent me the image above along with the following:

"I don't know if this is possible, but can you make me a ventrilo-ett version of a tarsier? I love your ventrilo-ett and I thought of owning one with a very distinct Filipino design, using a tarsier."

Something about the challenge of creating such a unique character intrigued me, so after some thought on how such a real-life animal could be translated into a ventrilo-ett puppet, I accepted the challenge. You see a photo of Ono holding the resulting puppet below:

From Ony: "The Philippine tarsier (endangered species endemic to my country) ventrilo-ett you created for me just arrived today and I must say he looked great! Initially I thought it's impossible but you proved me wrong. The mouth control is smooth as silk, the workmanship is quality all the way. I named him 'Teroy' and I will use him to teach children about ecology, specifically the endangered species of animal. Your interpretation of the tarsier is a cute, wonderful creation! Thanks, Clinton!"

Note: Additional images of the tarsier puppet are posted on my Ventrilo-ett Photo Gallery.


  1. I got to hand it to you Mr D. This is a Great look for your very interesting puppets! You are a TRUE ARTIST! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. this is a very cute comical tarsier ventrilo-ett !

  3. bob steininger11/19/2010

    as always great job mr d