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Question: My 14 year old granddaughter has taken an interest in ventriloquism. I would like to purchase your Course as a Christmas gift to help her learn, but she seems young and is very shy. Should I encourage her to try?
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I'm always encouraged when young people take up ventriloquism. They usually do much better at it than do those who wait until later in life to begin, primarily because their imaginations are still strong and unfettered. 14 is an excellent age to begin (even younger), and actually, using a puppet often is a great benefit to a shy person - you never have to stand before an audience alone and what a blessing that is for overcoming shyness! You will find information on how to order the Maher Course here. And the first lesson is also there for anyone to read, free of charge!

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  1. Frank Westcott11/11/2010

    When I was younger I could not stand in front of people a talk without becoming emotional. At age 22 I started a Ventriloquist course. It help me so that I could speak in front of people. About 10 years later I became a pastor and now can speak in from of people and I feel that being a ventriloquist helped.