New Ventrilo-ett

I guess it is appropriate that I should introduce this girl ventrilo-ett today, Nov 3rd, the date of my one and only sister's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Marjorie!). However, let me hasten to say, this puppet is not intended to be a likeness of my sister! About the only things they would have in common is curly hair and a nearly constant smiling face! Hopefully this will not be the only gal added to the Ventrilo-ett line of characters, but for now, she's the only one ready for "adoption".

Order C-7 $44.95

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11/03/2010

    Clinton, I believe you now have about 30 different ventriloetts!! - how could anyone ever choose just one? - they all look so great - help, help, help (I want them alllllll,argggghhhh - choices, choices....). Anyway, keep going Clinton, great to watch all the imaginative ideas.
    Regards Geoffrey (Australia)