Living Example and Inspiration

Continuing the hospital theme from yesterday, here's a vintage photo of Jimmy Nelson accompanied by Danny O'Day and Farfel entertaining patients with family members and staff at a hospital. I'll guess the year as the 1950's and the location somewhere in the Chicago area? What a great example this gentleman has been, and continues to be, to his fellow ventriloquists - and in so many ways! Be sure to make plans to attend the 2011 Vent Haven ConVention where Jimmy Nelson will be the Guest of Honor.


  1. Anonymous11/17/2010

    What a great photo!

  2. Anonymous11/17/2010

    Great ministry to hospitalized children and families especially during the holidays. Smiles are the small toll given in exchange for hearts filled with love worth sharing. Jimmy Nelson sounds like my kind of people. Wes

  3. Jimmy I was meaning to give you a call and will get on it soon...but just wanted to add here that I will be looking forward to this years convention, you desrve the tribute that will be given you hopefully Texico along with N E S T L E's will be there...chat soon. N Jay