Learning Curve

Question: Just a request for your opinion. I have never used a head on stick figure before. I have some excellent Axtell latex figures that use the old "goose neck" hand movement. I have found this quite easy, but it gets a bit tiresome on the old hand after a while. Is there much of a learning curve with your stick operated ones? And whats my "R.S.I. thumb pain levels" going to be like after a 20 minute session with a head stick? To my mind it looks easier than the hand within the head of the figure. What is your opinion? Dave
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From Mr. D: All I can tell you is that for me personally, my hand gets less tired with the traditional headpost figure. But I've used both types for extended periods of time. I think everyone is individually unique. As are the puppets and figures. For example, some Axtell puppets are easier for me to manipulate than others, and what's easiest for me might not be your first choice. It takes a bit more practice to create life like movements with the head post figure since mechanics are involved. But certainly no great "learning curve" to fear. And you may very well find such a figure less strenuous to operate...it's certainly worth a try.

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