Happy Thanksgiving!

America has set aside this day for a time of giving thanks for all good things. Adelia and I pray your day and every day is filled with such blessings.

You certainly are on our list of reasons for giving thanks and with that in mind I thought it appropriate to give several of our personally signed Maher Studios "World of Thanks" awards today. And the winners are: Kenny Croes, Cherie Self, Harris Deutsch, and Joel Papcun.


  1. Anonymous11/25/2010

    And a VERY happy thanksgiving to you & yours too mr. D. I for one, have TONS to give thanks to the lord for, most especially, the joyous love of my dear sweet lady. :)) Happy thanksgiving all.

  2. Winkle and Wags11/25/2010

    Thanks. We wish a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours ... and anyone that stops to visit today.

  3. Thanks, Clinton. I hope today has been filled with blessings for you and your family. - Kenny