Ventriloquist Deputy Bob Walsh sent me a link to his new video on the subject of Cyber-Bullying. This is a serious problem in today's culture, especially within the school age group. You can see Cyber-Bully meet Deputy Bob HERE.


  1. Hi Deputy Bob,
    I want to thank you! Unfortunatly, most of the officers of the Law that I have met, are not working for the law of the People, However I can tell that you are an honest Officer and have taken his talents and love and belief in Justice and Happiness,and are using them to better society, You have made your Career a special one. Thank You, I enjoyed your videos, and I hope a lot of Children do too, Did you Ever do one on teen girls getting on Dating web sights, how Dangerous that is to say your atleast 18 and talk to those men, and even meet and some girls and boys even, disapear. I cought my Daughter and her Friend on the Computor doing it, The Girls Grandma refused to listen to me and i made copies off if the pages she was on 3 Differant sights.
    Also Did you do one on Sexual Abuse, How keeping the Secret is only dangerous, and will only make more lies, My children are needing help, no one beleaves me, They are too scared to tell/ Are you related to John Walsh? He is another Beacon for others to follow, Thanks Bill

  2. Thank you Bill for your kind words and taking time to comment on Deputy Bob and Friends youtube videos. I taught the Good Touch/Bad Touch curriculum for a few years and currently am available to present Okay/Not Okay touching. But, I am not allowed to do so without parental permission slips. Doing a video would present even more parent problems so it's up to the parents to monitor their kids online activities. No, I am not related to John Walsh.