by Mark Wade

I'm always surprised when I am asked this question..."Why do shows for kids? Do they really get it?" My answer.."ABSOLUTELY!" Kids are brighter than ever before, and catch on to things much easier than adults. They are like little sponges ready to soak up everything in which they come in contact. They also have vivid imaginations and that makes it fun also to work with them. We can create some really wonderful shows that not only are a blast to do, but can educate them as well.
Besides the satisfaction of working with wonderful, imagination-driven audiences who appreciate what you do, there is also the stability factor. When 9/11 came around many corporate vents lost big time. Their work was cut to practically nothing. Now with the recession I find the corporate guys are still having trouble (that bothers me greatly as they deserve to work..). But the kidshow market..it's alive and well and was not hampered very much during either of these two terrible events. The shows went right on happening. Talk about stability! Kidshows are really where it's at.
I know the kidshow worker doesn't get as big a single paycheck as say a corporate vent, but our paydays come more frequently and with that we have some added advantages. By diversifying our shows over a broad area of children's performances we have staying power. Somebody's "down" time is somebody else's "up" time, and that's good. Also because we work more often we have the plus of honing our acts and adding new material as we go.
Does this sound like I am a big advocate of children's performing? Yes!! Yes!..and Yes again! Try it, I know once you get the "kidshow bug" it will be worth it to you.

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  1. I really enjoy your work, I have a couple of your D.V.D. well now I only one. I sent the other to Mike Brooks, the man who owned the Popeye Museum, Spinach can Collectible Store, in Chesterb Ill. He does the voice of Popeye on live Radio shows, I thought that if I made him a Popeye Soft Ventriloquist Puppet that he may be able to do shows switching his voice and Popeys voice back and forth, Like I heard him do on the radio before. I was amazed. And Still am.
    So I will be in the market for another D.V.D. soon. I am making my son Nathan, a Troll he wants him to have huge feet like the Hillbilly one you hav. He really learnt a lot from your D.V.D.s, so Did I. Thanks for your work, it makes our work to learn a lot more easier and enjoyable.
    Congratulations on your recent award, a well Deserved Honor. Do you have an Autographed picture of you and the Hillbilly that you sell, for my son? Bill