Ventrilo-ett Comment

"The little guy arrived today, and I have to tell you that I'm 110% thrilled! I owned one for years... I got it about 1972 or 1973, I think. Unfortunately, I lost it in hurricane Katrina.

"Then, last Fall, I was visiting a friend in California and saw that he had one.... (photo left). I couldn't talk him out of it, so you can imagine my delight when you announced you'd made them again.
"This puppet is *ideal* for use with young children. Small enough that it's not threatening, and so "cartoon-y" that they love it immediately. And for us "hard figure traditionalists" (guys who won't use a puppet unless it had a headstick!), it's a GREAT thing to use around very small children....as an encore bit...as a demonstration piece....etc.

"I do hope you'll continue to make these. I think I may need another!"
Tom Ladshaw

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