Rare Prize!

Thanks to Jay Johnson, I have in hand this rare piece of ventriloquist memorabilia. Jay told me this is one of the few remaining cast scripts from the "SOAP" TV series. It is a 53 page original script (not a copy), autographed on the front cover by Jay and "Bob". This is script 31, dated September 7, 1978, with the lines for Chuck and Bob circled.
Knowing there are a number of avid Jay Johnson fans who visit this blog as well as serious collectors of vent memorabilia, I asked those who would like to have a chance to own this book to send me their name so I could hold a special drawing to name the winner.
Nearly 100 people responded! From that sizable number of entrants, however, only one could be selected as winner. And that very lucky person is .... Ron Schulz (KS). Congratulations Ron!
Thanks to all of you who responded. Oh, that it would be possible to declare you all winners!


  1. What an allsome find. Here is your chance to own a piece of Ventriloquism Americana, I collect T.V. Movie scripts, especally one with autographs, and With the Ventriloquist theme, well, who could want more. I put my chance in, you should also, Have fun and good Luck. Bill

  2. Anonymous10/14/2010

    Congrats Ron and thankyou Jay and Clinton for offering the prize.
    What a fantastic piece of history to now own, enjoy!
    Regards Geoffrey (Australia)

  3. Anonymous10/15/2010

    Congrats Ron! Awesome!

    Keith Suranna

  4. Congrats, Ron, are you related to my ole friend Charles M. Schulz, that name isnt too common, he is deceased. He died in 2000, He was the creator and cartoonist for Peanuts, see his amazing Museum in Sant Rosa California. Enjoy the script. Bill