Low Cost Figure?

I'm frequently asked where a beginner ventriloquist can purchase a "low cost" figure. This is especially true the last quarter of the year as people are searching for, and selecting, figures for gifts. Recently I read this advice one reader sent to another:

"If you don't mind to have non-unique vent figure for practising, apart from ebay, there are online shops selling basic figure (only moving mouth) as cheap as $55. Characters like Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, Howdy Doody, Danny O Day, Slappy, etc. Do a search in google for the term Ventriloquist Dummy. Clinton is also selling his stock figures at http://www.maherstudios.blogspot.com." Neon

These are good suggestions, but if a basic doll is purchased I would suggest having it converted to hollow body with head on headpost. Otherwise it's just too difficult to bring the doll to "life" and the user will soon become discouraged using it. (See the next comment by another reader.)

"I would check these out http://kevskits.blogspot.com/ -they are made by Mr. Detweiler's son (Kevin) and are a great price. They may only be 30" but they are an awesome starting point."

And my Ventrilo-etts could make a fun and practical first puppet low cost option as well. Be sure to check them out: http://ventriloett.blogspot.com

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