Custom Ventrilo-ett

The Colonel

The diversity of Ventrilo-ett characters possible is almost limitless. I have a long list of my own. (Ideas are always much easier than actually bringing them into reality.)
But, I'd much rather be working to create YOUR custom character. The Ventrilo-ett you see here is the result of a customer request.
With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, I have a Pilgrim in mind as one of next week's projects. Unless, of course, someone has their own idea as to a custom character they need for their show!
I'll also be working in the future on a Robot...


  1. Thank You Clinton,
    He looks great!
    I can't wait til he arrives.

  2. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Looks like Colonel Sanders from KFC!! :))

  3. Then I guess I was successful...

  4. Great Job, makes me think of Chicken. I would love to see a marsion dude tipe, maybe you can experiment on one when your not too busy,
    Really a classic, and they have build there place in Ventriloquism History. You should be honored, Congradulations, Keep up the great work, still working on the two heads are better then one gag, If you can think of someone who may be able to help me profect that, Please let me know. Thanks, Bill