Where's the voice!

Question: I purchased your Maher Course over a month ago and I would like to say it is a great Course! I have been practising every day. I can now read anything newspaper etc. with little to no movement at all and the labials are easy to me now.

The problem I'm having is I am having a very hard time coming up with a voice other than a little boy sound. I would like to get the puppet captain Jacque Finch on your site and I have some very funny scripts for him, but I can't seem to come up with his voice that's not close to my own.

I was wondering if there is any other books or CD's that I may purchase that could help me out. It's getting frustrating for me. I find the other things are easily once you practise a lot but for some reason I just can't come up with a voice.
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From Mr. D: It does take time to develop new character voice. Initially you can change the tone of the voice, but it still carries speech traits of your own voice. Dialects help, changing inflections and word cadence.

One of my favorite tools on this subject was produced by one of the voice character specialists in our business, Liz VonSeggen. You might contact http://www.onewaystreet.com/ to see if they still sell the DVD "Developing Character Voices" by Liz VonSeggen. I believe it would be a big help to you.

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