What's in a name?

Question: Here's a quick question. How do you pronounce "Maher"? I've heard it like the comedian Bill Maher says his name (with a MAW sound), and also like the "mayor" of a town. Which is correct?
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From Mr. D: It may depend upon the family or the region. I've heard it both ways as well. But we've always pronounced it similar to the "mayor" with a slight twist: "May-hair", as that is the way I recall Mrs. Maher pronouncing it.

I have to tell you a funny story. Years ago we received a letter that was addressed very simply: "Mayor's Office, Litteton, Colorado." That's it - nothing else. And it was delivered by the post office to the office of Littleton's Mayor. We had a friend who worked for the city and when she heard coworkers laughing about the letter sent to the Mayor asking how a dummy could be purchased, she put two and two together and said, "I know who that letter was meant for!", and it was redirected to our door!

What's in a name? More than you might expect, including some surprises!

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