Ventrilo-ett update

Reader Comment & Question: The woods you have chosen to replace the styrofoam are most interesting because of the diversity of colours shown in the posting. It's a pleasure to see that you're not using plywood, but I wonder if you would share the selection of woods shown? They seem to cut and sand so cleanly, they must be a pleasure to work with. Thank you. John

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From Mr. D: Actually, the wood is a form of plywood called, "luan". Commonly available. I get mine at Home Depot. It is a thin, lightweight 3-ply plywood. And is, as you suggest, very easy to work with. My goal, of course, is to complete the puppets in such a way that none of the luan can be seen (except the inner edges around the mouth opening and those edges will be painted black.

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  1. Anonymous9/20/2010

    I would like to see a vent figure head, arms and legs made using corrugated cardboard, the kind used in shipping heavy merchandise, four inch thickness or more, which could be glued together to come up with working block. I think would be interesting to see how cardboard does. I still think a figure could be stamped, one fell swoop leaving only the finishing work to do. LD