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Comment: My 6 year old grandson did his first ventriloquist act in front of a group of 3 and 4 year old children at our Church M.O.P.S (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) program this morning. He gave a Godly message with his little puppet "Lil Joe" about the train that climbed the mountain to deliver toys and Spinach to needy children. This was entirely his created dialogue. Lil Joe went on to explain how the little train had a hard time, but he finally made it to the top because God gave him the strength to succeed. Someone took a video of his performance so that in years to come Aaron (my grandson) could look back and see how far God has brought him. When I complimented him on doing a good job in ministering to others with his puppet, he gave me a big smile and said "Grammy, I did a ministry"?

He works the puppet's mouth well and according to the syllables of each word, but he realizes that he moves his own lips and needs practice. I tried to share some of the tricks that I learned in the 30 lesson Maher Course, but it is too much for this little guy and I do not want to overwhelm him or cause him to become frustrated and discouraged. Right now it is fun and I don't want it to become a chore or a dread. Is there some program or short version designed for little children who want to learn ventriloquism? Donna
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From Mr. D: I don't know of anything in the way of instructional material that is especially prepared for a six year old. I do, however, believe what you are doing is the best possible at this time - providing opportunity and encouragement. Timely simple tips on technique can be given as opportunity presents itself without making it overwhelming. It will all come together in due time.

An entertaining school show video for elementary age children that includes ventriloquism might be fun for him to watch. and he could unknowingly pick up some techniques to mimic. I'd suggest maybe one by Tim and Laura Allured. I tried to find a web site for them, but this is all I could come up with: Harvey Rabbit Productions Inc, 135 Hummingbird Lane, Lafayette, LA 70506 (337) 988-4170


  1. Anonymous9/26/2010

    My heart leaps with joy as I read of scripture being lived out. Train up a child was given a visual I cannot forget as I read this story. Great letter, Clinton. I'll be praying and watching for Aaron's ministry in years to come or in Glory. Wes

  2. Fantastic, It sounds like your Grandson, has the want to learn, I call it enitial Talent, Yes I garee with Mr. D. teach him in tiny bits as the need arises, I too am interested in teaching my children so I too will look for some information, may I also suggest the D.V.D. that Mark Wade Successful Ventriloquism Teaching the Maher Techniqies, Even though some of what is in the D.V.D. is adult oriented, a lot of it is very simp[le and too the point, Assist him with the Popsiscle, holes so no one gets hurt, make it fun, but a whole box of Icecream bars, exc. Good Luck, I would love to see that video, Bill

  3. Anonymous9/27/2010

    You were asking about a book that would be good for children to learn vent. Check on line for a book by Douglas Holden. I found it a very good and simplistic tool for learning from when I was very much younger. It could be out of print by now.