Quick, Easy, and Useful!

I love this paper puppet idea that was sent by Barb Phoenix. An idea for your Labor Day Holiday no labor at all! It just takes a few seconds to fold one sheet of paper into a very fun and effective hand puppet. Barb says she uses them after a show when kids come up and want to play with her puppets. "How would you like to have one of your own?", she asks. Then she shows them how to make the folds and draw on a face.
This would make a fun craft project, spur of the moment puppet (I'm guessing you could use a restaraunt paper napkin), restless child anticdote, etc.

Barb has her ad printed on some and uses as an inexpensive handout. She is thinking of printing it on the back of a coloring sheet of her puppets, Oregano and Chesterton, so after coloring the picture, the child can fold it into a puppet with her information on the bottom.
I was able to fold one easily by looking at these pictures. Make the two lengthwise folds first.
If you fold the top corners of the finished puppet down, and the bottom corners up, you get teeth.
Thank you, Barb.


  1. Anonymous9/05/2010

    that is cute!! In George Schindler's book, "ventriloquism, magic with your voice", he shows how to make a real neat puppet on the back of a buisness card! You draw from the hair to the upper lip on one end, and the lower lip on the other end. Then you curl the card around till the ends meet without actually putting a fold in the center. press in at the center making a slight crimp, then by placing thumb and forefinger at edges of card either side of crimp, you simply lightly squeeze and release to make the mouth open and close. You could also add a tounge and teeth inside. W.S.

  2. Barb is a real true blue genuine vent, I am glad we are friends, Her pure spirit for shows makes her more successful. Great idea from a great lady

  3. Barb Turn on your heart light let it shine where ever you go let it give a happy glow for all the world to see...This little idea will be copied by all the vents as a give away at their shows.. I remember making these when i was in elementary school 55 some odd years ago...thanks for the memories.