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Question: Hi, Clinton. I found this among my Dad's papers. He passed away many years ago. Can you tell from the Membership Number (9349) about what year this certificate was issued? Thanks. Charles Moody
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Answer: Unfortunately, I cannot give you an accurate date as this certificate was issued in the Maher/NAAV "BC" era ("Before Computer"). But from the certificate design I can tell you it was probably during the early 1970s. Does that sound about right to you? Maybe someone reading this might still have a dated NAAV membership card with a membership number close to that of your Dad's. It's a long shot, but we can ask. Seeing this certificate certainly stirs nostalgic memories for me. Thanks for sharing. Mr. D.


  1. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Yes, that's about right. I received mine, that looked just like this one, in 1978.

    Keith Suranna

  2. Dr. Moody9/06/2010

    Mr. D, I'm William C. Moody's grandson, Eric. My dad sent you the certificate. I was curious, who is the "Adelia" that signed as the Membership Secretary? cheers, e.m.m.

  3. Adelia Detweiler is my wife, and was co-owner of Maher Studios (1969-2003)and Secretary to the NAAV (1969-2004).