Bergen Bucks

Charlie McCarthy Mazuma - One Simple Simoleon - Laffin Lettuce - Genuinely Bogus - Happy Cabbage - Illegal and Very Tender - AC or DC Curent-Cy -

"Money Talks but this doesn't even whisper. Try to pass this bill and allow yourself plenty of time - at least 20 years."

Signed by John Dough, Secretary of the Pleasury and Phil Thee Lucre.
* * * * *
These funny money bills were provided for gifting by Bob Abdou . Today's winners who will receive one bill each: Jane Pershing and Edward Arle.

Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.


  1. Anonymous9/11/2010

    I used to have a whole unopened packet of these old bergen items!! always thought it funny how all mccarthy items were copyright 1938 for the most part. GREAT prize, & very generous of Mr. abdou!! W.S.

  2. Payton H.9/12/2010

    What a great ventriloquist peice!! My favorate ventriloquist is Edgar Bergen along with Jimmy Nelson...