Mark Wade, known as "America's #1 Children's Ventriloquist", will soon be heading for Tokyo, Japan to perform, lecture, and receive the coveted Japanese Ventriloquists' Association "Contributor's Award" for his book"Kidshow Ventriloquism".

The event will take place October 2-3 and Mark will not only lecture on how to do shows for children to the Japanese, he will have the opportunity to perform for a Japanese elementary school. The kids from the school will be brought into the convention auditorium and Mark will perform his popular kidshow, then do a debriefing lecture to the JVA on what they just saw and how he did it.

Mark's book, "Kidshow Ventriloquism" was released a few years ago in a Japanese language edition and became a best seller to the JVA and other Japanese vents. The book is now used in over 26 countries as the text book on how to perform vent for children.

Mark and his wife, Jody, are excited to be making their second trip to Tokyo.

Appropriately, we today will award one lucky blog visitor a signed copy of Mark Wade's, "Kidshow Ventriloquism". And that winner is: Robert Lawrence.


  1. Congratulations Bob as being the lucky winner of todays prize...I must admit you are a fortunate person... I have had made a friend of Mark and have been to the convention twice and going to make it a 3rd time this year comming. This is a special year it marks the 35th anniversary of the convention and a special event for the wonderful Jimmy Nelson, try to be there, know your going to enjoy it if you haven't already. OH and by the way there is so much great material in that book you'll read it a few times of this I am sure. Again congrats.

  2. Anonymous9/30/2010

    A WELL deserved honor to a great performer/lecturer, & a great PERSON!! Way to go Mark!! Congrats!! W.S.

  3. Congratulations Mark. If anyone in vent deserves to be thanked it is Mark, he has been doing the Vent Haven ConVENTion for many years, and has always been willing to help anyone who asked him for help. And he is an excellent ventriloquist as well!