My ancestor?

When I finished building this figure, and took a look at the photos, I had a flashback to memories of photos my Grandfather Hostetler who was a member of the Amish until the age of 18. Except Grandpa's dark hair was quite curly!
This figure is one-of-kind and for sale now on eBay, where it will remain at "reverse auction" (with price lowered $10 per week if necessary) until sold. Click Here for more photos, price, and descriptive details.


  1. Was that an Indiana Hostetler? My parents grew up with the Amish in northeast Indiana. A very common name in those parts. Just curious.

  2. Yes, Indiana Hostetlers - you're right, there are MANY.

  3. Payton H.8/19/2010

    What a cool dummy, the Amish style is a great thing for it. It's really a great dummy!!