Hensen Framed Card

Congratulations Talitha Luben! You are the winner of this attractive framed postcard that was produced to promote Jim Hensen's Fantastic World, a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition, on exhibit April 3 - June 27 at the National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA.


  1. Congradulations Tolita,
    Great Card, I hope you collect it. You will enjou that piece of Ameicana. What a vent ful prize, Enjoy Bill

  2. Daniel9/02/2010

    beautiful. I would love to have that in my house

  3. Anonymous9/02/2010

    I was in London visiting and went to St. Paul's Cathedral and was surprised to find that day was a memorial service and tribute to Jim Henson shortly after he died. They had Muppets on display all over the chapel. My wife, who was a ventriloquist, was delighted to see the celebs and all of the displayed Muppets. I have photos somewhere. He certainly added a new dimension and even a new word description to the art. I believe Muppet is attributed to him.