Get a grip

Once the spring (or rubber band) has been attached to the mouth of a Jerry Mahoney, it becomes difficult to grasp the mouth and pull it from the head to make necessary adjustments. I have a simple little trick that solves this problem and its being employed here although it is hard to see in the photo. I take a piece of masking tape about four inches long, pressing one end to the underside of the chin,and the other end onto the tongue area of the mouth, making a loop. Then the excess middle loop portion of the tape is pressed together (sticking to itself) forming a tab which is used to pull the mouth unit from the mouth as needed. When finished, just remove the tape.

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  1. P. Grecian8/12/2010

    Wish I'd thought of that fifty years ago! My first and longest-used figure, Louie, was a re-charactered Jerry Mahoney (Still is, but has been replaced by a larger Hartz figure). Oh, how I struggled to replace that rubber band!
    I finally just sawed a hole in the back of Louie's head (covered by his wig) and used a piece of elastic!
    We're all so lucky that, when you retired to spend time on your hobby, your hobby was the work you retired from!
    And we're so lucky you tell us all about it on a daily basis!