From Michael Westmoreland

I am really enjoying my Scotty--I practice with him everyday. In regard to shows, I did a show for Southeast Elementary a couple Saturdays ago. I often take him to visit my patients (I am a hospice chaplain), and I use him regularly before and after my magic shows. I do magic shows and puppet shows with several different themes (mostly with a gospel message). I have a ministry to nursing homes and hospice so I do a lot of impromptu with my puppets and now with Scotty.

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  1. Anonymous8/29/2010

    WOW!! Clinton, I'd never seen anything but the catalog pics of this figure. Your artistry in customizing those Charlie McCarthy dolls into this figure makes all the difference in the WORLD!! Looks NOTHING like it started out as, & actually looks BIGGER! If I get back into performing again, I will be buying a "Scotty"!! Always liked the look of it, but REALLY do now!!