Another sliding mouth character by Nunes

Ted Nunes has provided these detailed photos of the work he completed to create his "talking Ukulele". It also features a "sliding mouth." Of the design, Ted wrote the following:

"Here are updated shots of 'Huey' that show how I did the mouth and eye movements. I figured this same rig could be used with a photograph. In fact, I know it can, because I did it once -- I made a puppet of a co-worker who was moving away. At his going away party I broke it out and we all passed it around, doing impressions of him. He loved it, so I gave it to him. He later told me he lost it. Argh!"


  1. Very clever Ted, and the nice part is that the Uke is still playable. Very nice , thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8/04/2010

    Some great ideas here, very clever, very inspiring, will help me to press on with my own project. Thanks Ted for the details, very helpful and thanks Clinton for putting this on your Blog. Terrific.
    Regards Geoffrey, Australia.