Animated Poster Picture Puppets

In 1982 I created a series of posters with pictures taken from a child's coloring book that I animated with moving mouths. Some had moving eyes as well. That same year I gave a workshop at the FCM Conference (Winona Lake, IN) that included ideas for making simple puppets. For that event I printed a set of patterns for the animated poster puppets.
I thought all those patterns were all lost until I recently came across a set that Almira Kirkham, missionary in Mexico, had reprinted (by permission) in Spanish. Even though I can't read my own directions, it's fun looking at the pictures!


  1. Anonymous8/29/2010

    Is there any chance you could repeat those paper puppet instructions -- in English? They could be an excellent resource for those of us who do school classroom visits.
    Montana Santa

  2. Somewhere I must have an English copy. If and when I find it, I'll pass on some of the ideas.