Voice from the past

"Hi, My name is Ray Hodges and I would love to be on your list for the drawings. Way back in 1973 I won one of your prizes. It was one of the birds* that was based on a tin can head and bleach bottle body (I think). I had just ordered the basic "Randy" figure with living mouth and a pink bird. When the purple bird* showed up I was kinda shocked, but it was the beginning of more than a quarter century of running around making people laugh and winning souls. I have forgotten many things over the years, but your name and the Box 420 address has always been there, and I want to thank you for your faithfulness to the art, to the craft, and to the ministry. Thanks again, Ray"
* * * * *
From Mr. D: The *bird you refer to was one of the popular "Crazy Birds" which I've written about before on this blog. I'm happy to hear he's now been providing faithful service to you and others for over 35 years. We could never have guessed! Thank you so much for the
encouraging update on your work. And, yes, the "Box 420" address is still valid! (Littleton, Colorado 80160)

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  1. Anonymous7/17/2010

    I was not sure who designed "Crazy Bird", whether if it were Bill Boley or Johnny Main, both of whom I knew a long time ago, until I did a blog search and found your 10/4/09 post that it was you, Mr. D. This bird figure is a very fine creation. LD