Turnkey puppet business for sale

It is not my policy to promote eBay items that are not family connected, but this eBay offering is too unusual for me to let slide by unmentioned. And the three ventriloquist figures included in the auction were originally purchased from Maher Studios, so maybe that qualifies as the necessary "family" connection.

Jim Burns is offering for sale on eBay an entire puppet entertainment business. It's totally unique. Even if you're not on the market for a business, you'll enjoy seeing and reading about this one!

Jim says he is ideally "looking for a young man in his 20's who loves puppetry, and is a bit lost to where his career will be, has ruled out a college education for whatever reason, has a big heart, enjoys working with the public and would enjoy a year's salary in only 5 months of work." I'm no longer young, and not looking for a second career, but that last phrase still sounds pretty good to me!

Check out the Hillbilly Truck.


  1. Win a dummy? I guess you first have to find someone giving one away - I can't help you there. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous7/14/2010

    Do you know the seller personally? I am amazed at the detail in this "act" Sounds like something for Silver Dollar City type venue.

  3. I don't know that we've met in person, but we've corresponded often of the years...

  4. Man what an interesting project, I hope he and the person who will take these Figures and Truck can get together, It sounds like it would be something to see. Great Job, and I hope to see more of both this project and others.
    I can see why Clinton Detweilker featured this on his Blog. Thanks to both of you. Bill