They're off...

Today I shipped my two Banana puppets off to their new home: Austin, Texas. There, they will reside on permanent display in the "Bob Abdou International Museum of Puppets & More" (okay, I just made up the name, but the rest is true). Since the puppets are no longer mine, and now belong to another, does that mean we have officially experienced a "banana split"?

Note: The above photo was taken on stage at the 1984 International FCM Night Show (Winona Lake, Indiana) where I was emcee.


  1. Hey Clinton,
    thanks again for a great vintage puppet, my wife is out of town and will be back soon, now can you help me on how to explain to her why there is a Banana puppet in our home??

  2. Most banana splits are really, really good. How many blog followers do you have? How many names are in your drawing? I guess somebody has to be last!!

  3. It's a slippery slope you face ... let them speak for themselves.

  4. What a Pleasure she has, and I am sure she as well as you will know it, the very first time you vent for her. Your place is amazing, how many years have you been collecting? Also Thanks for donating the Bills, They sound very neat, maybe I will win one some day, Your very tallented, Keep up the shows, Have a great ventful life.