Question: Do you really learn from this Maher Course, or is it better to have hands on with personal training ?

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Answer: Personal training would be my first choice, of course, but where will you find a ventriloquist who is offering personal training? Even the majority of pro ventriloquists learned from a book or a Course of some sort, at least initially. Once you know what to do (that's what the Course teaches), mastering the skill is a matter of dedicated practice, (and that, only you can provide). Yes. you can really learn from the Maher Course . (Don't put off your purchase too long. I'm selling from my final reserve inventory.)


  1. Anonymous7/17/2010

    Finding a retired Great Lester near Hollywood & Vine, CA would be ideal, but next to impossible. I had that chance but wasted it. Most vents listened to Bergen on radio or watched Winchell on TV and tried to emulate them, then bought a few vent book, like Stadelman's for the old jokes. The Maher course is the way to go and being in Mr. D's final reserve should be had. LD

  2. Walt Rathbun7/17/2010

    We have a ventriloquist school in Knoxville,Tn

  3. Hello
    No doubt, the Maher-course will teach you very much about ventriloquism. I studied this year and it was:
    -gave much and clear information

    And it worked!!
    I rely can recommend.

  4. Anonymous7/17/2010

    Is a "personal trainer" going to teach you as inexpensively as this course is?? Is a "personal trainer" going to be there to refer back to for FREE, any time, day or night, 24/7, after taking his/her course as these lesson materials are?? Is a "personal trainer" going to offer free advice & counseling, not only during, but AFTER they train you as Mr. D does?? I took the course when it still came with the CASSETTE TAPES of added tips & overviews on the lessons {remember those? :)) }
    I still have the course. I can not recomend it highly enough!! It's not only great training, but FUN TOO!! Plus, there is a VERY good chance that "personal trainer" took the course too. Also, how do you know the trainer truly knows vent AND how to teach it??!! With this course, you have no worries about being taught wrong. Okay, I'll get of my soap box now! HA! W.S.

  5. I have never had thecourse, but am very interested, I jush am havuing a huge financial set back since 2002 when I began to try to prove my mother was murdered and her home stolen with forged Documents, This all being covered up by officials of the Law. Of which then have been trying to Destroy me. Please pray for my Family.
    I hope to get this course before there all gone, Even though I never had taken this course, I am sure by looking at this Blog Page and reading books from this Studio, with the past rputition, It is my opinion hat a Person can not go wrong by investing in his course and I hope to if I ever get my head out from under the water, so i can properly vent. Thanks, Keep up this Blog, it has been very interesting, thanks, BIll