Question: How does one pronounce "Maher"?
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It depends on what part of the country you are in, I've discovered. We've always said "May-hair". Others say "Ma-hur" or "May-her".
Either is correct, I suppose...

Years ago, someone mailed a letter intended for us that was simply addressed "Mayor's Office, Littleton Colorado." And it was delivered to the office of the Mayor or Littleton! It was then forwarded to us only because we were friends of one of the ladies who worked in that office. When she heard her co-workers laughing at the letter received asking for information on "dummies" and how one could be purchased, she spoke up saying, "Oh, I know where that letter should go!" And the letter was then forwarded to us. At the time, I thought that was a good thing...rereading the account I just wrote, I'm not so sure!


  1. Anonymous7/12/2010

    And then there's Bill Maher TV talk show comedian pronounced "Marr". LD

  2. i think Mark Wade in the Ventriloquist DVD pronounced Maher as "Mayor"