"Pocket Puppet Kit"

During the 40 years I've been in the ventriloquist business, I've had several business cards. But the "Pocket Ventriloquist Kit" card with fold out dummy with moving mouth was definitely the most fun! I designed the card in 1981. Dave Miller provided the original art work. It was a more costly card to produce in both $$ and time to assemble. So after a couple years distribution and several incidents of national attention (both print and TV), we switched back to a more traditional advertising card. I still have several in my personal collection and I'm giving one as today's prize. MARTIN PRATT is the winner.

In addition, I've listed several for sale on eBay Here.

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  1. I have one of these from sometime back in the 70's. You sent it to me in a letter. One of the countless ones you replied to.