Hard Work

From Steve at The Dummy Shoppe

Good morning Clinton,

I stayed up most of the night working on your riddle from a day or so ago. Terry Fator's KHODRRAW. After much HARD WORK I think I finally solved it. I believe that Terry has a lower paid staff member who is constantly searching around the land for the newest GEEKIE type puppet to turn into a star.

This staff member is a bit of a redneck, so he just wanders throughout the land muttering loudly to any puppet who might be listening. WHAR DORK, . . .WHAR DORK, . . .WHAR DORK. Every now in then one will answer. . . . Heer I Is, I be the Dork U R looking for. . . and a Star is Born!!!

KHODRRAW could also be a dyslectic Marine from Oklahoma talking about his latest sketch in Mono sylables.

(As you well know, when we stop having fun. . . we might as well quit.)

Have a great day.

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