Coin Winners today!

Today I've drawn the names of ten lucky people who, if they Contact Mr. D to confirm their address, will each receive one "Mr. D's Dummy Dollar" collectible coin! The winners are (in random order as the names were drawn): Jack Austin, David Carruth, Lawrence Harris, Cleve Odom, Doug Morrison, Phil Anderson, Sheree Brown-Rosner, Kelly Houser, Erwin Moody, and Joyce Bowen.

It pays to visit "Mr. D's Daily Blog"! If you're reading this and are not signed up for my prize drawings, all I needs i your name and your okay. It's all free!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7/17/2010

    I have my set and really like the guy and gal vent and dummy design, and a set of two to display as in the photo, both sides, is best. LD