55 years!

She was from Colorado; he from Kansas. They met as high school classmates and shortly thereafter (55 years ago today) said their vows to one another.
* * * * *
Our anniversary celebration will begin in earnest next week as our family gathers from near and afar.
Our thanks to Donald Woodford for the beautiful 55 anniversary scroll work mantelpiece. How appropriate to have a timepiece mounted in a momento marking the anniversary of passing years. Years are made up of hours and minutes, every one precious. We are blessed.


  1. Anonymous7/24/2010

    A VERY VERY happy anniversary to you both!! And you both look even more youthful & happier than you did back then! A true sign of a truly blessed union!! Enjoy your celebration of love!! Bill Smith

  2. bob steininger7/24/2010

    clintion and mrs.d i wish you both a happy 55 anniversary and i hope for many more nice photo

  3. Congradulations, Your wife and you look as young and as happy as you did the day you married, Fantastic achevement and a roll model for other couples to follow. You just dont see that too often any more. It is always easy to give up, it takes real Love and Understanding, Patience and Respect, ( I am sure I left out a bunch of other stuff) to keep it all together.
    I wish others could follow in your example.
    I wish you another 55 years. God Bless the Both of you. Nice Scroll work, by the way. Bill

  4. Happy Anniversary - that is awesome! 55 years - that gives the rest of us hope...

  5. Congratulations with this very special day.
    You both look even more happy than 55 years ago.
    Hope the celebration next week will be as radiant as your faces on this picture.

  6. Philip Grecian7/24/2010

    Happy, happy anniversary, Detweilers. Plan on another 55, okay?

  7. Anonymous7/24/2010

    My best wishes and congratulations in this so very special celebration! May God keep blessing you and your loved ones. Happy anniversary! Marcelo.

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Clinton and Adelia, As you celebrate 55 years of your life knitted together as one in Christ, I greet you. I wish you the fullness of God's richest Blessings,that you may continue to grow together and love one another for many more years to come. In your lives, you have been the channel of God's Blessings to many others, and I pray that you may be similarly blessed in the days and the years ahead. Blessings, John.

  10. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Congratulations ! You two look as happy as you did on your wedding day.
    We are blessed just having you around.
    May you have many, many more days of joy.

    Tom Farrell

  11. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Happy anniversary, Clinton and Adelia!


  12. Happy Anniversary to both of you, you look as happy as the day you were wed. I'm celebrating 42 years next month, so I have some catching up to do.

  13. Winkle and Wags7/24/2010

    Wow! What a milestone! Winkle and I send our warmest wishes for continued heath, happiness and blessings. May God bless and keep you both.

  14. Happy 55 Anniversary !

  15. Janice7/24/2010

    Congratulations on 55 years together may you have many more.

  16. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Clinton and Adelia!
    I can't possibly add anymore good wishes except to say you and Adelia have been blessed and know that you have shared my happy years together. Happy Anniversary.

    James Elliott

  17. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Detweiler,

    Congratulations! I wish you many more years of peace and joy!

    All the Best,
    Keith Suranna

  18. Shawn Kraemer7/24/2010

    Like so many people said before, it is great to see a couple together in a time where that is not the norm. Thanks for setting the example for us and keep up the great work.

  19. Anonymous7/26/2010

    You are such WONDERFUL couple. Congratulations to two people who love GOD, their family, their marriage, each other, so much. Your lives and attitude are seen in the life you live and the way treat everyone. Wishing you many more, my dear friends. Ron Scherer

  20. Anonymous7/26/2010

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone of 55 years of marriage built on the firm foundation of Christ as the head of the house. Others can see your faith through the way you live your life. You are sharing Christ everyday with others and touching lives. Many more happy years together. Sandi

  21. Anonymous7/26/2010


    You're a man to be admired...I'm glad I'm me...but if I could be any other man...I'd want to be you.

    Many Happy Returns to You Both...

    Dr. Dan

  22. Clinton and Adelia How nice it would have been if we could have helped you celebrate this milestone at the Vent Haven Conbvention. But I guess due to some other engagements this was not possible...I know I am very late in acknowledging your 55th but better late then never..So to both of you I send my hope and prayers for those remaining years together are of the happpiest you have had thus far..Lov ya both N Jay Holtz