Stick-out tongue question

Question: "How is the sticking out tongue effect accomplished and can it be added to a figure?" Cleve

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From Mr. D: The stick-out tongue is arguably the most difficult of all extra effects . Whether it could be added to a figure would depend on the design of the mechanics and would likely require a major rebuild of inner mechanics and the controls. Personally, I would not accept a stick-out tongue order. new or add-on, (and I've probably built 50 figures with a stick-out tongue!). The book by Andersen, Make Your Own Dummy, does have one figuremaker's diagram for building the stick-out tongue. I do sell the book for $10.00 PP.

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  1. I had two beautiful Frank Marshall figures, and had him overhaul them with all extra effects. When got them back, they all worked well, including protruding tongue, with slot for lever from top to botton of jaw, pivoted in middle and with a spring so that when lever moved back at the bottom the tongue moved forward at the top, it too pivoted to the lever. What I disliked most was the ugly slot so clearly visible under the chin whenever head raised. The same thing goes for the upper lip movement which before had fine curvature at the "V" middle of lip below nose trough that prevented a hairlip look but afterwards with metal band, no trough, and kid leather gave it that very look destroying the fine art of the sculptured piece. I would not have either in a ventriloquial figure.