Outfits for smaller vent dolls

Question: Hi. I recently purchased a Lester figure on ebay. He is Sooo Cute! He is the basic figure 26 inches, string in the back of the neck. Do you know where I might purchase some outfits to dress him up in? Thanks.
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Answer: I do not know a source for outfits of the small size Lester would require.. I do know that I have seen artisans at arts and crafts fairs who specialize in doll clothes. If you can find someone in that business locally, that's where I would suggest you start. Ask at a local cloth store (JoAnns, etc.) to see if they know of a local seamstress who makes doll clothes. I'm also thinking some of the outfits sold by companies such as Build-a-Bear might work. And you look over the doll selection being sold in thrift stores and garage sales. You might find one similar in size wearing a costume you could transfer to Lester. Chances are you could purchase the entire doll just to get the clothes and still save money over the cost of a custom sewn outfit.


  1. I'm not sure what fits a 42" figure, but know that 3T fits a 38" figure, so guess that 2T works for 32" figure, or close, and to take it on down to a 26" figure one might hem 2T clothes if they don't make a smaller size.

  2. Anonymous6/11/2010

    Good Will store is the best place I have found.

  3. 26" figure will probably take 12mo size.

  4. Bill Duff informed me he sells outfits for the smaller dolls. I'll pass on his contact information to those interested. Email me directly: mahertalk@aol.com