From James: I received the13 Nutshell books and am very pleased with speedy delivery! Ventriloquism in a Nutshell is very good. Even though I have taken the Maher 30 Lesson Course, there are things you say in the Nutshell book differently. And there are some clever routines. Thank you so much for you patience.
* * * * * *
Ventriloquism in a Nutshell was, and continues to be, the best selling book of all titles published by Maher Studios. $5.00 each, postpaid. Today I have drawn the name of Elisabeth Bacon to received a free signed copy of Ventriloquism In A Nutshell.
Contact Mr. D
to confirm your address, Elisabeth, and claim your book.

And if any reader would like to purchase a copy, also signed, they are $5.00 each postpaid. mahertalk@aol.com

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