No dummies here!

Daniel Slozat was the winner of the recent Photo Caption Contest. He chose the "Bush" puppet as his prize and yesterday sent me the above photo with his newest puppet on the far left.

Daniel's cast of characters seen above are (L-R): Herman P. McCoy (a hundred-something year old WWII vet), Jr. (your classic boy), (Otis (a British dog), Fred (a match with a phobia against water), Woody (uncompleted), Luella (a rare bird), and Tex (a cowboy that is a few fries short of a happy meal).
I thanked Daniel for sharing this photo of his "wise guys" - they can't be called "dummies" as I see they've all gathered around the laptop to read the daily blog post on Mr. D's Ventriloquist Journal!


  1. Outstanding smalltalk.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2010

    I like Fred and expecially Tex. LD

  3. Great Deal.. and Loads of Fun, If your Puppet of George W. Bush doesn't have the Voice Box in it, Working, Let me know, I will give you one for free. Have fun and enjoy, Bill Duff