Needa 'nana*?

This is the first photo (Polaroid) taken of me in what was then my basement puppet storeroom with my newly completed Banana puppets. I believe the year was 1983 0r '84. Made of carved Styrofoam covered with yellow felt, they are great fun and have traveled several thousands of miles with me. And that's not always easy with the big fella - he takes nearly as much space as an adult passenger - although much quieter!

Now, however, it's time for them to move on, and I'm offering them for sale as a pair (if two bananas can be a "pear").

Glenn Pearce sent me a note saying I really needed to sell these two as a pair. To do otherwise would, in his words, "create a banana split"!

(*These have been sold.)


  1. Anonymous6/21/2010

    My guess is that you are selling them as a "pear" because if you separated them - that would make it a "banana split" - and it would take forever to get through a banana split that size!!
    Geoffrey, Australia.

  2. Anonymous6/22/2010

    Needa pocket nana. LD

  3. Amazing, Items, I hope whom ever bought them, will enjoy them and travel and show them off,
    Maybe the little fellow will become a big Banana like the Bigger one is. I enjoy reading your sight. I have been taking a case of those George W. Bush Puppets, and altering them and made some very interesting soft Figures, It's been interesting and Fun.Thanks, BIll