Dave and Linda Miller returned from an amazing trip to China last month. Among the photos Dave sent to me were these of a giant marionette and puppet that were a part of the Qin Dynasty Terra-Cotta Army Tour they took in Xi'an, China. I believe the incredible puppets were created as part of the 2008 Olympic spectacular. I guess when the world is your stage, size does make a difference! Dave (foreground of photo right) says he tried to make them talk but was unsuccessful due to the language barrier. :)


  1. Alex Reeve6/18/2010

    This picture remind me of Royal de Luxe, a group that do shows in the streets of big city and one year they did a giant puppet. you can see the picture here:

    Alex Reeve

  2. Normally I do not publish comments with links. I've made an exception with this one. Mr. D

  3. My son Nathan said that the Little Girl, Looked Like The GRUDGE! That was funny, He wonders if his name can be added to the Free Daily Drawing, His ame is Nathan William Duff, Thanks, Bill